EuroSpeleo Salon Competitions

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The Photo Salon and Video Salon originally had an advertised deadline for entries of 23 July. This was so that we knew how much display space to allocate, and how to timetable the videos. However, we recognise that the late arrival of these forms may cause problems for you; especially for those who are travelling, and who might not be able to upload their data in time. Therefore, the deadline for entries has been moved forward to 1 August.

All entries for the Photo Salon and Video Salon should be completed by 23:59 BST on 1 August. This includes your mandatory uploads. The optional uploads can be made at any time. (Information about the uploads is given in the Salons Information, and also appears on screen when you have completed the Entry Form).

If anyone has any difficulties in meeting this deadline, please contact us at

The Art Salon and Survey Salon have no entry deadline, but it would be helpful if you could enter by 1 August.

Once again, apologies for the delay. This event is run entirely by volunteers and sometimes, timescales are simply beyond our ability to manage.

Click Here to go to the Entry Forms