Entry Form: Hidden Earth Salon Competitions at ES 2016

Please note that the deadline for PHOTO and VIDEO salon entries was 23:59 BST on Monday 1 August. It is now too late to enter those salons. You can still modify your form and do your uploads if you fetch your form from the database by quoting its reference number, but you cannot submit a new entry form.

There is no deadline for SURVEY and ART entries.

The "mandatory" uploads for the PHOTO and VIDEO salons must be completed by 23:59 BST on Tuesday 9 August.

If you have already completed and submitted an Entry Form, and you wish to modify it, please type your full reference number in the box below and click Fetch Data. (Your reference number looks similar to this: AS16-103-174BGC and can be found in the email acknowledgement of your entry.


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Test transactions:

Normally, when an Entry Form is completed, three copies are emailed, as follows...

  1. Entrant
  2. Salon Co-ordinator
  3. Webmaster (David Gibson)

If you mark this entry as a test then only item (1) will be emailed so you should make sure it is addressed to yourself. Additionally, the entry form from a Test transaction will not be listed when you ask to see a list of salon entries.

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