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All Junior Results :

. # Name Time Power* Event Lg Pos*
1Katy Gibbs (u15) 1:43 Pack (done 1/3 in F-Trip)
2James Gibbs (u15) 1:46 67 W M-16 (done 2/5 in M-Skill)
3James Gibbs (u15) 2:10 Pack (done 1/3 in M-Trip)
4James Gibbs (u15) 2:19 52 W M-16 (done 2/5 in M-Skill)
5James Gibbs (u15) 2:27 48 W M-16 (done 2/5 in M-Skill)
6James Gibbs (u15) 2:30 Pack (done 1/3 in M-Trip)
7James Gibbs (u15) 7:59 54 W M-59 (done 2/5 in M-Skill)
8James Gibbs (u15) 10:39 41 W M-59 (done 2/5 in M-Skill)

* League Positions shown only for contestants who have completed all qualifying events for the given league.
* For Power info, click here.

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