M 16m Prusik F 16m Prusik M 59m Prusik F 59m Prusik M Obstacle F Obstacle M Ladder F Ladder Knots
Rope Packing Ladder Coiling Kitting Up Juniors
M Skills F Skills M Trip F Trip Power League 1st Positions

1st Positions :

Leaders in each of the 12 individual events

. # Name Time Power* Event Lg Pos*
1Jeff Wade 0:24 445 W M-16 2nd in M-Skill
1Cat Moody 0:42 284 W F-16 1st in F-Skill
1James Collings 0:45 M-Ldr (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
1Jeff Wade 1:04 Pack 1st in M-Trip
1Jeff Wade 1:13 Coil 1st in M-Trip
1Sioned Haughton (Scotland) 1:18 F-Ldr (done 2/5 in F-Skill)
1Henry Rockliff 1:21 Knots (done 3/5 in M-Skill)
1Jeff Wade 1:34 Kit-Up 1st in M-Trip
1Peter Suru (Hungary) 2:34 M-Obs 3rd in M-Skill
1Jeff Wade 3:16 201 W M-59 2nd in M-Skill
1Katrin Habegger 4:12 F-Obs (done 1/5 in F-Skill)
1Becka Lawson 5:16 132 W F-59 (done 4/5 in F-Skill)

* League Positions shown only for contestants who have completed all qualifying events for the given league.
* For Power info, click here.

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