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Obstacle Course, Female and Male:

. # Name Time Power* Event Lg Pos*
1Peter Suru (Hungary) 2:34 M-Obs 3rd in M-Skill
2Henry Rockliff 2:36 M-Obs (done 3/5 in M-Skill)
3Henry Rockliff 2:46 M-Obs (done 3/5 in M-Skill)
3=Peter Suru (Hungary) 2:46 M-Obs 3rd in M-Skill
5Peter Suru (Hungary) 2:59 M-Obs 3rd in M-Skill
6Jan Huggler (Switz.) 3:05 M-Obs 1st in M-Skill
7Henry Rockliff 3:12 M-Obs (done 3/5 in M-Skill)
8Gary Douthwaite 3:14 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
9Rob Middleton 3:26 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
9=Peter Suru (Hungary) 3:26 M-Obs 3rd in M-Skill
11Adrian Turner 3:30 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
12Eric Sanson (France) 3:36 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
13Peter Suru (Hungary) 3:42 M-Obs 3rd in M-Skill
14Gary Douthwaite 3:53 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
15Jeff Wade 3:58 M-Obs 2nd in M-Skill
16Eric Sanson (France) 4:02 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
17Simon Richardson 4:08 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
18Mateusz Golicz (Poland) 4:12 M-Obs (done 3/5 in M-Skill)
18=Katrin Habegger 4:12 F-Obs (done 1/5 in F-Skill)
20Cat Moody 4:15 F-Obs 1st in F-Skill
21Cat Moody 4:23 F-Obs 1st in F-Skill
22Cat Moody 4:26 F-Obs 1st in F-Skill
23Lieke Oostercamp (NL) 4:29 F-Obs (done 1/5 in F-Skill)
24Katie Eavis 4:38 F-Obs (done 2/5 in F-Skill)
25Josh Bratchley 4:50 M-Obs (done 3/5 in M-Skill)
25=Jeff Wade 4:50 M-Obs 2nd in M-Skill
27Katrin Habegger 4:53 F-Obs (done 1/5 in F-Skill)
28Mandy Fu 4:54 F-Obs (done 1/5 in F-Skill)
28=Cat Moody 4:54 F-Obs 1st in F-Skill
30Lieke Oostercamp (NL) 5:14 F-Obs (done 1/5 in F-Skill)
31Becka Lawson 5:21 F-Obs (done 4/5 in F-Skill)
32Thomas Resch (Austria) 5:23 M-Obs (done 2/5 in M-Skill)
33Alistair Gott 5:35 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
34Jo White 5:36 F-Obs 2nd in F-Skill
35Eric Sanson (France) 5:38 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
36Mandy Fu 5:44 F-Obs (done 1/5 in F-Skill)
37Michael Woodward 5:57 M-Obs (done 2/5 in M-Skill)
38Natalie Uomini (Germany) 5:59 F-Obs (done 3/5 in F-Skill)
39Ari Coopr-Davis 6:57 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
40John Forder 7:06 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
41Jennifer Langer (Austria) 7:10 F-Obs (done 2/5 in F-Skill)
42Simon Richardson 7:26 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
43Andrew McLeod 7:42 M-Obs (done 2/5 in M-Skill)
44Annie Leonard 8:02 F-Obs (done 3/5 in F-Skill)
45Natalie Uomini (Germany) 8:23 F-Obs (done 3/5 in F-Skill)
46Natalie Uomini (Germany) 8:48 F-Obs (done 3/5 in F-Skill)
47Koen Gelguken (NL) 9:24 M-Obs (done 3/5 in M-Skill)
48Alistair Gott 9:49 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
49Jacob Puhalo-Smith 9:59 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
50Sioned Haughton (Scotland) 10:16 F-Obs (done 2/5 in F-Skill)
51Eszter Kaloczkai (IE/HU) 12:55 F-Obs (done 1/5 in F-Skill)
52Ed Taylor 14:12 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)
53Ray Deasy 29:52 M-Obs (done 1/5 in M-Skill)

* League Positions shown only for contestants who have completed all qualifying events for the given league.
* For Power info, click here.

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